Why choose Laser Pecker?

Many people’s choices on Youtobe.Receive the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020 Award!
Engraving artistic patterns is easy with the LaserPecker pro laser engraving machine.
With the smartphone app, you can simply choose your favorite design from among many types, or upload and use photos of your designs and memories.
You can also engrave materials such as board paper, fabric, wood, leather, felt and plastic.
The versatile and powerful laser engraver LaserPecker pro can instantly shape your design!

Not limited to the size

Start engraving anywhere

Not limited to location

Start whenever you have a mobile battery.

Easy-to-use app

With simple settings, even beginners can do it well.

Use a 450nm laser

0.3mm laser light

Use a 405nm laser

0.15mm laser light can be engraved more finely

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