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Hi, we are LaserPecker

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Shenzhen Hingin Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 2017, is an emerging high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design and development of consumer electronics products.

Our company is composed of a group of technology elites with rich research and development (R&D) experience and passion, including R&D executives and top technical experts of the world’s top 500 technology companies, design director of well-known design companies, and award-winning designers of the International Design Awards Red Dot Award.

The company attracted a number of senior software and hardware developers with more than 10 years of work experience. The team members deeply understand cutting-edge image vision technology and electronic product design. More than 100 consumer electronics products have been designed and sold worldwide.

LaserPecker History

laserpecker history

Let Creativity Fly!

LaserPecker values self-expression and spreading love through creativity. We are committed to the ongoing production of powerful and portable DIY technology and tools so that everyone can easily experience and share the joy of creation with the world!

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